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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareMéthodesHits on Strings, vol. 2

Hits on Strings, vol. 2

Hits on Strings, vol. 2

Compositeur: EIKELBOOM Niels

DZ 836


ISBN: 2-89500-722-5


28 p.


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This volume lends itself to creative teaching with a series of didactic solos and scales. The top level is around the grade 3 mark but most of the material is weIl within this with specific learning points in mind. The first group of pieces develop left finger independence through two-part playing, with bass notes held under the treble melody a useful introduction to simple stretches within a straightforward musical context. The problems of fingering in second position can be alleviated through the effectively simple Réveille - trumpet calls on the arpeggio of D major encourage a stretched hand position. Scales are introduced in a manner in which they are often found in pieces and are followed by a chord progression, notated in chord symbols over a blank stave, for the teacher to play while the student improvises with the new scale.The students can then be encouraged to write down their own melodies, broadening the scope of the lesson. Strummed chords are a feature in several pieces, in notation and symbols and there is a selection of blues style exercises. ln another vein - folkstyle lyricism - The Rock is an extremely effective melody with a syncopated lit, mostly in seventh position with open bass accompaniment. Overall - a useful resource for supplementary material.
Linda Kelsall-Barnett (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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