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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare2 guitaresBrésil en duo

Brésil en duo

Brésil en duo

Compositeur: CAMISASSA Claudio

DZ 846


ISBN: 2-89500-732-2

2 guitares

8 p.


Com balanço
Canção dos meninos

Here are four short pieces in some of the myriad of dance styles to come from Brazil: Toada; Maracatu; Chôro and Cançâo. The absence of tempo markings will require the interpreters to investigate the correct speeds by obtaining recordings of examples of such dances; suffice it to say that most are played mid-to-brisk except for the cançâo, which is really a song (think cancion).
A musician adept at both contemporary and early music, Claudio Camisassa (Argentina 1957) has an ear for catchiness when it comes to these short, rhythmic yet melodious pieces. They are aimed at newcomers to the genre and should prove to be welcoming for those who venture to try them out.
The mutuaI love for each other's country's music has led to great things culturally with Argentina and Brazil, perhaps not so competitive as the football, but this Argentine's Brazilian offerings show great respect and Grade 3 players upwards should have a go. (That's unless Koyunbaba is now considered Grade 3!).
Recommended, why not?
Tim Panting (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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