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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seule4 Fancies

4 Fancies

4 Fancies

Compositeur: DOWLAND J.

Arrangeur: ZOHN Andrew

DZ 855


ISBN: 2-89500-741-1

Guitare seule

19 p.


These four justly famous lute originals are, quoting Diana Poulton's numerology, numbers 1A, 3, 5 and 73 respectively. ln the outer two, Zohn leaves the strings in the same relationship as their lute original, namely a third string to F sharp, whilst in the middle two he resorts to normal guitar tuning with a low D sixth in the penultimate piece.
So it seems a little overkill might be going on here, although I am willing to admit that there may be lots of players looking for such a volume as this. For after all, it is beautifully printed, with helpful fingerings where necessary.
So, to summarise; a nicely printed little book for any one out there who hasn't got this music already.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine

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