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Aquarelles de l'Amérique latine
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Aquarelles de l'Amérique latine

Compositeur: CARBAJO Roque

DZ 952


ISBN: 2-89500-838-8

Guitare seule

20 p.


The popularity of the music of South America never seems to wane, in almost every new batch of review material which comes through the post every few weeks or so, there is almost without fail some new material from Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, etc. Due to their complete misunderstanding by composers of what makes guitarists want to play this style of music, i.e. nice rhythms and/or melodies, some of these new editions will, mercifully, never see the light of day on the concert platform or CD.
Aquarelles de L'Amérique Latine is not in that category I am pleased to report, for here are seven compositions which hit the nail on the head. The opening work, Seresta, a choro, grabs the attention immediately with its catchy rhythm and nice tune and makes for a splendid opening to this set of works.
The mood is changed to a slightly melancholy atmosphere with the following habanera, titled Cancion Cubana, another «hit« of this album with its beautiful melodic line and deliciously rich harmonies.
Others of particular note in this album are Machu Picchu, quite a profound and solemn piece and the grand finale San Fernando, an uptempo work which makes good use of the hemiola effect.
All in all this is a stylish and entertaining new work from a composer who seemingly knows his stuff. The presentation is excellent and the piece should be within the capabilities of any grade 6-7 players.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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