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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seule15 Micro-études (CD incl.)

15 Micro-études (CD incl.)

15 Micro-études (CD incl.)

Compositeur: ANDREI Adrian

DZ 966CD


ISBN: 2-89500-852-3

Guitare seule

16 p.


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Andrei is a young Romanian guitarist-composer and his introduction casts this set as inspired by the Brouwer studies but infused with the modal and rhythmic influence of his national identity. This influence is abundantly clear from the first piece with its modal inflections and the third piece in 5/8. The longest and most developed item is number 14 but overall the pieces are short and stay within a quite narrow technical remit, probably ranging from Grade four to six.
Most of the «étude« matter present is quite normal to guitar studies, the Romanian aspect imparting a useful rhythmic edge, the modes used making the player concentrate on some unfamiliar shapes.
There is a commendable clarity and usable friendliness here.I really enjoyed these pieces - but then I do enjoy eastern European music. Stephen Kenyan (Classical Guitar)

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