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¡Claro que si!, ¡Claro que no!
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¡Claro que si!, ¡Claro que no!

Compositeur: NARVAEZ José-Luis

DZ 968


ISBN: 978-2-89500-854-5

Guitare seule

12 p.


Here are two pieces which obviously are to be played as a pair and both written in the flamenco style of the Rumba-tango. Throughout many passages each piece relies heavily on the guitaristic campanelas effect which is put to good, effective use in these works. Both Clara Que Si and Clara Que No have their dark side with ominous and dissonant chords creating an atmosphere of melancholy but these are counterbalanced by brief, lyrical sections which, in the first of the pieces, is quite a cheery affair.

Although not exactly formal concert material they are quite interesting and evocative pieces and are fun to play through.

Although the pieces are flamenco compositions, any decent classical guitarist of around the grade 7 mark should find no real difficulty in these works which are presented in the usual high standard fashion from this publishing house.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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