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Compositeur: RAMOS Denis

DO 831


ISBN: 978-2-89503-606-7

Guitare seule

8 p.


Written in a modern but gentle idiom this is written for the more advanced player. After a seemingly free-rhythm opening, wherein a small cell of notes repeat in an almost random fashion, an arpeggio idea built up of four and then five notes quickly takes centre stage. After a brief climax, a new lento con Rubato takes over with many metre and rhythm changes occurring; after a pause, a poco piu mosso consisting of a more chordal idea briefly takes over before the lento recurs. This is quite extensive and eventually leads to a demisemiquaver passage in 13s, l1s, 9s, 6s and 3s in quick succession, and lasting nine bars. Then abruptly a final calme e sonoro section that recalls an earlier idea leads to a diminuendo and a final single low A that dies away to nothing. It is a difficult work technically and has a modern harmonic idiom that won't suit all players, although its gentle dissonances are often pleasantly enigmatic, and not too piercingly atonal. If you have the necessary technique you may want to give this large work a try. Chris Dumiqan


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