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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seule2 miniatures

2 miniatures

2 miniatures

Compositeur: SILLS Philip

DZ 2215


ISBN: 978-2-89737-132-6 

Guitare seule

4 p.


Keeping it simple-and brief!
These are relatively simple pieces that last a total of 1:45 minutes in total, as witnessed by the YouTube performances by one Marlene D.L. The first, "Playtude in A," is a swiftly moving idea of 30 bars repeated to make 60, with a two-voiced structure and a child-like sound to the whole piece. Indeed, it could be a theme to a children's TV program. The difficulty factor is playing it cleanly with no slips at the required 208 quarter notes-a-minute, which is not that easy to do."Little Prelude" is marked Lively and is a three-beat-to-the-bar A minor piece, again in two voices. Despite the minor key, it, too, sounds like a child's program piece; simply harmonized and played through just once. I can see younger players enjoying these two brief items. [...]
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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