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The Book of Preludes

The Book of Preludes

Compositeur: PAVLOVITS Dávid

DO 853


ISBN: 978-2-89503-628-9 

Guitare seule

16 p.


Prelude no. 1 - All in White
Prelude no. 2 - The Silver Prelude
Prelude no. 3 - The Hawk
Prelude no. 4 - The Blue One
Prelude no. 5 - Bagatelle

"Pavlovits has written a great many pieces, a couple of which have come my way over the years. His musical style is kaleidoscopic and ranges from the almost folk-like to the overtly atonal and everything in between. The latest volume has five items; beginning with All In White, which I presumed meant that it was going to be in C major, with little or no accidentals but I was wrong [...]. The opening theme is a maestoso chordal idea with a melody running through its inner parts. A slight pause over an unexpected set of chords leads to a new idea with a bass melody underneath some gently clashing chords. A brief return to the opening leads back to the second idea one more time before a brief 'piu mosso' leads to yet another new idea at the opening speed. Eventually the opening theme returns and a 'mesto' lead to a brief coda. [...]. No. 2 The Silver Prelude is more straightforward and relies on a constant 'laissez vibrer' for a lot of its effect. [...] No. 3 is a fast and relentless piece called The Hawk; No. 4 is called The Blue One and goes through numerous tempi and varied ideas, whilst the final No. 5, called Bagatelle, is scherzo-like and perhaps the most immediate of the bunch. [...]"
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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