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Sépia (Score)
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Sépia (Score)

Compositeur: GAGNON Claude

Arrangeur: OUELLET Gilles

DO 587


ISBN: 978-2-89503-361-5

Concerto pour guitare

8 p. Matériel en location


2 violons I
2 violons II
2 altos 
2 violoncelles 
1 contrabasse 

Adaptation et orchestration de Gilles Ouellet

The piece doesn't purport to be flamboyant, and in many respects, the little burst of complexity in the middle gives the whole piece a sort of Junior concerto' feel. Many guitarists who are still quite 'green' in their abilities will welcome this insight into a different side of guitar playing - enjoying sustain and volume that the guitar alone cannot summon up. If you have played solos from Mr Gagnon, you already know that the music is nicely constructed. Derek: Hasted (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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