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Instant Ensemble
  • Andantino

  • Estudio

Instant Ensemble

Compositeur: KOLOSKO Nathan

DZ 2846


ISBN: 978-2-89737-763-2 

Musique de chambre avec guitare

24 p. + parties séparées


Pour guitare, violon, alto et violoncelle

Estudio - D. Aguado
Andantino - M. Carcassi
Étude - M. Carcassi
Étude - F. Carulli
Allegro - M. Giuliani
Étude - F. Sor

I am always on the lookout for good entry level ensemble pieces. It can be a challenge to find works that are accessible, enjoyable and level appropriate for all the players involved. The Instant Ensemble Series looks to meet all these criteria. The ensembles are written around solo guitar compositions that are part of the staple repertoire for any classical guitar student. I have written string parts that now place these solo works for guitar in the role of accompaniment. This series contains both quartet and duet editions. The quartet edition has unique parts written for all instruments. The duet version contains an arrangement of the melody for each individual string instrument. This extremely versatile collection of music that can be used in many settings with a number of different instruments. The violin part can be substituted with flute or even a second guitar. Parts can be doubled or even played by larger ensembles such as a string orchestra. The possibilities are numerous. I hope you enjoy these works and have great success in your endeavors ! Nathan Kolosko, 2017

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