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La lyre d'Orphée

La lyre d'Orphée

Compositeur: MARCHELIE Erik

DZ 1009


ISBN: 978-2-89500-895-8

Guitare et flûte

8 p. + partie séparée


La Lyre D'Orphee begins with a solo guitar part, played rubato, and which, harmonically, sets the scene for what is to come. This leads into a very brief Andante which serves to introduce the flute melody line and also acts as a short prelude to the main body of the composition marked Vivo. The spirit of Greek music is captured well in this section with its' 3+2+2+2 beat which encompasses the majority of this work, except for a brief «quasi cadenza« in the flute part near ta the conclusion. This is very exciting stuff, the music being pushed ever forwards by the hypnotic, rhythmic energy created by this rhythm and the image of the legend of Orpheus is never far away. This could be a good, slightly unusual, choice for duos of Intermediate standard to include in their repertoire and in the right hands could be a sure-fire audience winner. Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine) [embed][/embed]


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