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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seuleCanciones populares españolas, vol. 2 (CD incl.)

Canciones populares españolas, vol. 2 (CD incl.)
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Canciones populares españolas, vol. 2 (CD incl.)

Compositeur: CLAMENS Gilbert

DZ 1038


ISBN: 978-2-89500-924-5

Guitare seule

20 p.


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Immortalisées grâce au génie de Frederico Garcia Lorca, Les «Canciones populares españolas« font partie de ces moments privilégiés où l'expression populaire rejoint la musique savante. La relecture qu'en fait ici Gilbert Clamens est tout à fait remarquable. Toutes les particularités qui font l'essence de cette musique sont magnifiquement mises en valeur par un travail sur le rythme et sur les motifs, l'écriture réussissant à mettre en avant l'âme si particulière de ces pièces. La difficulté technique est élevée et la mise en place qui nécessite un travail certain est heureusement aidée par l'excellent CD joint. Des pièces exigeantes mais qui valent absolument la peine d'y consacrer quelques efforts.
F.N. (Guitare classique)

If you know these songs already, then these arrangements give a fresh sound to the familiar. In the reworking of these four well-known Spanish songs Gilbert Clamens captures the essence of the music, and weaves his own creative ideas into the melodies. As there are four titles, with repeats making them a good length, there is enough material to make a useful concert item.
The book comes with a CD, and with the music to look at it is easy to decide whether this is something that you want to learn to play. The raw quality of the recording gives an honest presentation of an achievable level of performance. As there is a high probability that the performance by Sylvie Cano has been approved by Gilbert Clamens, it acts as a useful study guide, to the notation and rhythms.
The Standard would be grade VI and above, but with the CD for reference the learning process could be speeded up.
The artist on the CD Sylvie Cano is a professor, concert artist, and friend of the arranger. She started studying the guitar when she was eight years old, entered the National Conservatoire of Toulouse at eleven and ended her studies at CNR of Montpellier where she was awarded two gold medals for guitar and chamber music. For the last ten years she has taught guitar in Haute Garonne (South of France) and performed in concerts of a diverse nature.
The cover entitled (cante jondo) by G Apperley depicts three seated figures, an older Gypsy woman clapping a rhythm, a handsome young woman dressed in traditional Spanish clothes singing, and a young man in the shadows accompanying her on the guitar. This eyecatching painting dominates the front cover and is set against a vivid red background. Inside the music is clearly printed, with fingerings given for both the right and left hands, and tempo and dynamic markings.
The strong melodies of these tunes lend themselves to different interpretations, so firmly are they established in the solo repertoire of the Spanish guitar, that their popularity remains unchallenged, and their attractiveness hard to diminish by any treatment they receive.
Sandra Hambleton Smith (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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