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Compositeur: DYENS Roland

DZ 1070


ISBN: 978-2-89500-956-6

Guitare, flûte et orchestre à cordes

36 p.+ parties séparées


guitare et quatuor à cordes (+ flûte ad lib.)

There are two versions of this composition, one for solo guitar (reviewed separately) and this one for guitar in ensemble with flute and string quartet, both written in 2007.
Basically, this ensemble version has the guitarist playing more or less the same as the published solo one. The flute (which is marked ad lib.) really does not do much more than reinforce the guitar's melodic line, although it does have a brief moment of glory in the rhythmic change around the half-way mark in the piece.
I first came across Dyens's string quartet writing a couple of years ago when I read through his arrangements for this medium of seven of Fernando Sor's guitar studies, I remember being most impressed then, and now once again I am delighted to report that his compositional skills have raised this original guitar work to new heights of enjoyment with some superb writing in the strings, Djembe is an exciting, highly rhythmic and exhilarating piece, full of character and energy.
A fine new edition from a very skilled composer,
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar)


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