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Songs from Formosa (CD incl.)
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Songs from Formosa (CD incl.)

Compositeur: KOLOSKO Nathan

Arrangeur: KOLOSKO Nathan

DZ 1071


ISBN: 978-2-89500-957-3

Guitare seule

16 p.


Veuillez noter qu'aucun fichier audio n'est inclus dans l'option d'achat au format PDF. L'escompte a été ajustée en conséquence.

Last year, in 2007, Les Productions d'Oz produced their 1000th edition with DZ 1OOO and it was my absolute pleasure to review this special production on that occasion, The piece in question was The Four Seasons by Annette Kruisbrink, a quite substantial work which I seem to remember marking as the apex of quality from d'Oz and possibly this publishing company's finest hour.
With Songs From Formosa we have an extremely close contender for second place in the musical quality composition stakes. Each of the arrangements are based upon four Taiwanese folk songs: The Lover's Broken Heart (Chou Tien-Wang), Dreaming By the Stream (Teng Yu-Shien), Longing For the Spring Wind (Yao Tsan-Fu) and an anonymous one titled Black, Black Sky.
Without exception, all of these songs are excellent in their own right and have been exceptionally well arranged by Nathan Kolosko who plays all the four pieces on the accompanying CD. Throughout these pages the music runs through a range of emotions: bitterness, joy, tragedy, humour, sadness and all done in the highest possible taste.
Songs From Formosa is an absolutely delightful new release and one I can thoroughly recommend to any player of at least Grade 7 seeking new stylish, attractive repertoire.

Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar)

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