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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitaresEscales en trio, vol. 2

Escales en trio, vol. 2
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Escales en trio, vol. 2

Compositeur: GRAU Jean-Pierre

DZ 1077


ISBN: 978-2-89500-963-4

3 guitares

12 p. + parties séparées


Companion to Volume l, this collection adds another three varied and fun performance pieces, and provides a little more complexity and scale.
Danse des Sorciers is a great piece for staccato and marcato - a suitably magical waltz, but one which places quite a demand on the top part player, going as high as top F, and calling it E# just to add to the discomfort. The E#, of course, is correct.
Media-Noche has a definite Spanish feel, with the 3/4 time music characteristically modal, and interrupted by setting three minims (half-notes) against two dotted minims - a nice touch that novices will not find too hard. There is some rasgueado work that is atmospheric and effective, and all the while the music is nicely fitted into the three lowest positions. Everyone has a go at the chords, so it's as much fun to play as it is to listen to.
Tout Contre-tango is a little more off the beaten track. Although the «Brrrrum p- Dump-Dump-Dump!« that starts the piece is so obviously almost Piazzolla, the tune drops an almost ragtime rhythm on top. And then we top it all off with some Bach-like fugal imitation.
Unlike Volume 1, this is better suited to a mixed ability trio or ensemble, going from perhaps Grade 1 to Grade 4. The parts are nicely presented with guitar three laid out on the opposite face so that the page turns are all easy. A nice set of contrasting pieces.
Derek Hasted (Classical Guitar)

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