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Guitar Works
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Guitar Works

Compositeur: BELOTTI Giuliano

DZ 1124


ISBN: 978-2-89655-023-4

Guitare seule

24 p.


Les Productions d'OZ appear to have changed their image slightly. Gone is the somewhat smaller-than-average music album size (Letter), this has been replaced by the more usual larger music book measurement. Also changed are the front covers: often their books would feature individual paintings by the wonderful Swiss artist Corina Sierk, now it seems they are using photographs and attractive as they are I do miss the superb artistry of Sierk. All the above information is just based upon receiving quite a large number of new music to review published by d'OZ.
The front cover of Guitar Works features a very fine photograph of a blick wall with some splendid colouration amongst the brickwork.
Giuliano Belotti is an excellent Italian guitarist (I remember reviewing one of his recordings several years ago) and here he shows how good he is at composing for the instrument too. The eight pieces are all written in a contemporary idiom and without exception are attractive, musically accessible and skillful in their construction. There are two waltzes of a very lyrical nature: two tremolo pieces written for the five-note tremolo: a dreamy Prelude which leads onto a more formal Fugato; two pieces with a «tango« connection: and an exciting Bulgarian fantasy.
It is always a good sign when, after playing through new works by a composer, one seeks out more from the same name. This is what happened after spending a little time on this book. Guitar Works contain some lovely material for inclusion on concerts or recordings. Well worth a look at if you are of the Grade 7+ standard.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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