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Les planètes
  • Mercure

  • Venus

  • Terre

  • Mars

  • Jupiter

  • Saturne

  • Uranus

  • Neptune

  • Pluton

Les planètes

Compositeur: KINDLE Jürg

DZ 1192


ISBN: 978-2-89655-091-3

Guitare seule

52 p.


Les Planètes is a nine-movement work, each movement representing a major planet from our own Solar System and appearing in the suite in order of distance from the Sun. Each one of the individually published pieces which make up this edition have all received separate reviews in the past from either myself or my colleague Chris Dumigan and as far as I can recall they have all been blessed with favorable reviews. Suffice it to say that here is a large-scale work for solo guitar containing some fine, clever, descriptive and inventive writing for the instrument and one which could provide one of the high-spots of any recital if played with enough conviction. Slight problems may arise in a couple of places due to the preparation involved. Jupiter for instance requires an «open« tuning of, from bass upwards, D, A, D, A, A, D (for ease of reading the piece is also given in Tablature) then it's back to standard tuning once again for Saturn, a percussive piece requiring ten notational instructions. For the final movement, Pluto, the guitarist needs to insert a matchstick underneath the strings near to the bridge.
Is it all worth the effort? Well, yes it is. Compared to the soundscape which Gustav Holst created with his masterpiece for orchestra, Les Planètes doesn't come close, but taken simply for what it is, a solo instrumental, the piece makes for highly entertaining listening/playing.
It is nicely presented with clearly printed notation, well fingered and an attractive front cover. Buying this complete album of the pieces rather than the individual productions will give you a saving of approximately 36 Euros.
Not to be sniffed at!
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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