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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare2 guitares12 duos sur des chansons populaires espagnoles

12 duos sur des chansons populaires espagnoles
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12 duos sur des chansons populaires espagnoles

Compositeur: CASTET François

DZ 125


ISBN: 2-89500-000-X

2 guitares

32 p. + parties séparées


From a teacher's viewpoint, this is an excellent collection to have at hand in a lesson. The twelve duos are arranged with guitar one having a single melody line and guitar two providing the harmony in a technically more demanding part. Therefore they are ideal for sightreading with students (which I have been doing successfully now for a couple of weeks and the majority opinion is that they are well worth playing through).The music itself is attractive and appealing with many contrasts of rhythm and mood. If a singer is available the words for each song is given (in Spanish) at the rear of the album. Most of these would be absolutely right for the annual student concert, informal duo recital etc. Presentation is excellent and the grading is of around the 3-4 standard. Recommended.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar)

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