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Dreams and Memories
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Dreams and Memories

Compositeur: LONCAR Miroslav

DZ 1337


ISBN: 978-2-89655-236-8

Guitare seule

16 p.


Here is another fine offering from Canada's Les Productions d'OZ, aimed at the mid-grade student or adult hobbyist. Dr. Miroslav Loncar comes from Croatia and teaches in the U.S.A. in northern Virginia. His name will be familiar to many GF A members, as he has sat on the GFA Competition jury panel. This present work is a collection of nine short pieces, mostly in first position but with a few excursions to the higher frets. Almost certainly, this anthology is not meant to be performed as published, because the pieces are sequenced alphabetically. The most ambitious entry is “Prelude triste” and, incidentally, it is also the only piece here that is fully fingered. “Dreamscape” reminds me of the Etude VI of Leo Brouwer, although it isn't remotely a copy of the work. “A Farewell”, «Maya's Minuet« and “Windchimes” are all charming pieces that audiences will enjoy.
David Norton (Soundboard Magazine)

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