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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare3 guitaresMelocoton Blues

Melocoton Blues

Melocoton Blues

Compositeur: TISSERAND Thierry

DZ 3724


ISBN: 978-2-89795-641-7

3 guitares

8 p. + parties séparées


“I have seen numerous pieces by this composer over the years and I yet to come across one that isn’t wonderful, superbly guitaristic, and great fun to play.
This piece, originally a work for 5 guitars and re-arranged by the composer, has the swing instruction at the top, meaning that straight quavers on the score are to be swung like a triplet, with the first note a crotchet, and the second a quaver. It is a proper 12 bar blues in form right from the outset, and is in the key of E Major. All the parts are relatively complex so a decent technique is required to make this piece work in the way that it should, but apart from that, everything is lots of fun, with all the guitars blending beautifully, and guitar 3 usually ( but not always) providing most of the accompaniment material. There is even from bars 49 to 60 the opportunity for guitars 1 and 2 to improvise over guitar 3’s accompaniment. A lot of the flow in the music is via bunches or triplets, and so a good knowledge of the entire fingerboard is essential. As all good blues, it slows right down at the end and finishes on a flourish! This is great fun and an ideal piece for a good trio to get their hands around and so I can utterly recommend this publication.”
Chris Dumigan (

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