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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seuleSuite des constellations

Suite des constellations

Suite des constellations

Compositeur: RAYMOND Jean-Marie

DZ 1356


ISBN: 978-2-89655-255-9

Guitare seule

8 p.


The really attractive aspect of Suite des ConsteLlations is that Jean-Marie Raymond has given the Intermediate soloist a reasonably substantial three-movement composition which is highly attractive in rhythm and harmony, has some nice melodies floating around and is one of those relatively rare beasts which, in performance, sounds more difficult than it actually is.
The three titled movements - Andromède, Cassioppée, Orion - all have a very distinct Latin flavour throughout and with vigilant counting and an observation of the staccato off-beat chords, the student should hopefully develop a good sense of rhythm and a genuine feel for this style of music.
The notation is very clearly presented with good fingering suggestions and the book comes with an attractive front cover designed by a Nicolas Raymond, a relative of the composer presumably.
I can thoroughly recommend this new publication to any grade 5-6 student seeking new material of a South American flavour.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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