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Totems II
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Totems II

Compositeur: SASSEVILLE Pascal

DZ 1403


ISBN: 978-2-89655-302-0

Guitare seule

20 p.

(extraits, Jean-François Desrosby, guitare)


The word «totem» usually conjures up imagery of ancient ritual; primitive monumental carvings shaped from generously-proportioned trees. In Totems II the Canadian composer Pascal Sasseville Quoquochi has captured the essence of this ancient word admirably.
This relatively lengthy composition comes in two titled sections, starting with Mahican - The Wolf which has the scordatura of 5th string to G and 6th to low C. From small, simplistic beginnings this opening movement soon builds up in intensity with an earthy and primordial urgency (bolstered by extensive use of «5th« intervals in places) and this thrilling, agitated atmosphere continues unabated until a abrupt change of mood is reached where a calm passage preludes the extensive finale to this first segment of which the predominant features are an ostinato bass and a fiery, driving forward thrust to the very end.
With Masko - The Bear the tuning is back to the more standardised 6th to D (and therefore much easier to read).The atmosphere of this part of the work is of a much more gentle nature and the stark tune is underpinned with some very attractive harmony.
Totems II is altogether a most unusual and beguiling work; very nicely planned out and full of interest. It is a composition well deserving of attention from the higher grade player.

Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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