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Compositeur: BELOTTI Giuliano

DZ 1422


ISBN: 978-2-89655-321-1

Guitare et contrebasse

8 p. + parties séparées


This is quite an exciting, inventive and interesting new work from Italian guitarist Giuliano Belotti, whose compositions I've had the pleasure of reviewing previously.
For the relatively unusual duo pairing of guitar and double bass this work is an enticing offering for the repertoire listing. Both instruments are more or less on an equal footing with regard to musical and technical interest, the melodic parts being exchanged on a regular frequency between the instrumentalists. The music is energetic and dynamic with a constant pulsating beat until a splendid and much slower, improvisation-style segment is reached with both players presenting the haunting melody which pervades this section of the composition. A brief reiteration of the original Sephardic-style theme concludes this work.
The edition is well presented and comes with full score and separate parts for both players.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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