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12 Simple Jazzy Studies
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12 Simple Jazzy Studies

Compositeur: FERGUSON Jim

DZ 1423


ISBN: 978-2-89655-322-8

Guitare seule

24 p.


The [12 Simple Jazzy Studies] are engaging and a rewarding challenge well worth the time to play them.
- Dr. Frank Forte, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine (May 2010)

Atmospheric ballads, swinging numbers, incisive rhythm patterns, and simply sounded picturesque pieces can be found among the 12 studies. Influences of Miles Davis are heard, as are references to the studies by Leo Brouwer. The 12 studies are not that simple to play, but are of high educational value in the understanding of syncopated rhythms, the development of «swing feel,« and typical jazz chord sequences. Each etude limits the technical challenges to a few elements. Bringing the pieces to life is a great deal of fun!
- Stefan Keun, GuitarWeb

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