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Daniel Ahlert studied mandolin and baroque mandolin at Musikhochschule Köln/Wuppertal with Prof. Marga Wilden-Hüsgen, where he graduated with a concert exam. In 1992 he founded Duo Ahlert & Schwab together with guitarist and lutenist Birgit Schwab. Since then Daniel has been building an international career as a mandolin soloist, in duo and in various combinations. Simultaneously, Daniel Ahlert is teaching mandolin at home and abroad at masterclasses, musicschools and universities. In order to grow the repertoire for mandolin, Daniel Ahlert is working with composers from all over the world who are writing music for him. Starting with first compositions during his youth, Daniel has meanwhile published more than 30 compositions of his own. Many of those are dedicated to his pupils.

Oeuvres de l'artiste

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    4 Episoden
    4 EpisodenAHLERT DanielIntermédiaire - 3 Mandolines16.05$ | DZ 4260
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    Quatuor pour mandolines
    Quatuor pour mandolinesAHLERT DanielIntermédiaire - 4 mandolines22.47$ | DZ 3872
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    KatzenmusikAHLERT DanielIntermédiaire - Mandoline seule5.35$ | DZ 3670
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    Notturno & Requiem
    Notturno & RequiemAHLERT DanielIntermédiaire - Guitare seule5.35$ | DZ 3617
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    Études miniatures zoologiques
    Études miniatures zoologiquesAHLERT DanielIntermédiaire - Mandoline seule11.77$ | DZ 3585
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    The Ever Changing Moon
    The Ever Changing MoonAHLERT DanielIntermédiaire - Mandoline seule5.35$ | DZ 3572
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    3 Etüden
    3 EtüdenAHLERT DanielAvancé - Mandoline seule8.56$ | DZ 3416
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    Fantasie über ein ganz bestimmtes Thema für 2 Mandolinen
    Fantasie über ein ganz bestimmtes Thema für 2 MandolinenAHLERT DanielIntermédiaire - 2 Mandolines5.35$ | DZ 3401
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    5 Épisodes
    5 ÉpisodesAHLERT DanielAvancé - Mandoline seule8.56$ | DZ 3398
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    6 Capricen
    6 CapricenAHLERT DanielAvancé - Mandoline seule14.98$ | DZ 3348
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    Suite girafe
    Suite girafeAHLERT DanielAvancé - Mandoline seule10.70$ | DZ 3338