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LIU Ming-Jui

LIU Ming-Jui

Oeuvres en tant que compositeur: 8

Oeuvres en tant qu'arrangeur: 6


A Taiwan native, Ming-Jui has received several awards at various guitar competitions in Taiwan. He has performed as a soloist and a chamber musician in different venues worldwide. In 2016, Ming-Jui was invited to give a solo recital in I Seminário Internacional de Violão do IFCE (Fortaleza, Brazil). In 2017, as a co-founder of Arvo Duo, Ming-Jui gave a duo recital in the 25th Long Island Guitar Festival. In 2018, Ming-Jui was a festival artist and judge in the 4th Qinling Mountains International Guitar Festival (Shaanxi, China). 

In addition to his performing career, Ming-Jui is a prolific composer and arranger and has published several original works and arrangements for solo guitar and chamber music in prestigious publications, including Canadian publishing house Doberman-Yppan, Gendai Guitar Magazine in Japan and Taiwan Guitar Society. Several of his arrangements are also available on IMSLP.  
As a sought-after teacher, Ming-Jui enjoys teaching all levels of students. He was a substitute teacher at Purchase College (NY, USA) and Stony Brook University (NY, USA), and an undergraduate chamber music coach at Stony Brook University. 

Ming-Jui holds his Doctor of Musical Arts in Classical Guitar Performance at Stony Brook University. His principal teachers have included Chan-Juan Chiu, Zhong-Shing Shie, Kevin R. Gallagher, Frederic Hand, Adam Holzman, Jerry Willard, and João Luiz Rezende Lopes. Ming-Jui also studied harmony, composition, and arrangement with Wen-Chuan Hu and João Luiz Rezende Lopes.
Currently Ming-Jui serves on the faculty of Conservatory of Music at Huanggang Normal University (Hubei, China). 

Oeuvres de l'artiste

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    Horse Race
    Horse RaceHUANG HaihuaiAvancé - Guitare et violon13.91$ | DO 1518
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    GFA Spotlight Series, The Rainy Ketagalan Harbor
    GFA Spotlight Series, The Rainy Ketagalan HarborLIU Ming-JuiAvancé - 2 guitares13.91$ | DZ 3934
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    3 Studies
    3 StudiesLIU Ming-JuiAvancé - Guitare seule8.56$ | DO 1425
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    SuitePETZOLD ChristianAvancé - Guitare seule13.91$ | DO 1411
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    Preludio e Fuga, Malgré tout
    Preludio e Fuga, Malgré toutPONCE, Manuel MariaAvancé - Guitare seule11.77$ | DO 1382
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    Monologue No. 2
    Monologue No. 2LIU Ming-JuiAvancé - Guitare seule8.56$ | DO 1365
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    AndantinoPONCE, Manuel MariaAvancé - Guitare et alto13.91$ | DO 1321
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    Praeludium and Fuga, BWV 539
    Praeludium and Fuga, BWV 539BACH J.S.Avancé - Guitare seule12.84$ | DO 1319
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    ChaconneHANDEL G.F.Avancé - Guitare seule14.98$ | DO 1297
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    Summer Nights of Formosa
    Summer Nights of FormosaLIU Ming-JuiAvancé - Guitare seule5.35$ | DO 1266
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    Mirror of the Sunshine
    Mirror of the SunshineLIU Ming-JuiAvancé - Guitare et violon16.05$ | DO 1220
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    Monologue No. 1: Leaf, Me
    Monologue No. 1: Leaf, MeLIU Ming-JuiAvancé - Guitare seule8.56$ | DO 1179
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    Passacaglia: A Song for the Ropewalker
    Passacaglia: A Song for the RopewalkerLIU Ming-JuiAvancé - Guitare seule10.70$ | DO 1128
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    The Magic Hour
    The Magic HourLIU Ming-JuiAvancé - Guitare seule8.56$ | DO 1101