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Kevin Swierkosz-Lenart was born in Velletri (Italy) in 1988. His musical alma mater is Conservatorio “S. Cecilia”. Here, Kevin obtained his diploma Classic Guitar in 2012. Alongside his musical education, Kevin obtained in 2013 a degree in Medicine from “Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore”. At the moment, he is serving as added head physician by the psychogeriatrics department of the University Hospital in Lausanne (Switzerland). From 2016, Kevin has been studying composition supervised by Angelo Gilardino and Dusan Bogdanovic. In 2019, one of his first productions, entitled “Variationi su El Testament d’Amelia”, have been issued by Berbèn publisher house with the revision of Cristiano Porqueddu and fingering by Francesco Dominici Buraccini. His music has been played by Alberto Mesirca, Cristiano Porqueddu, Angelo Colone, Francesco Dominici Buraccini, Giovanni Martinelli and Lorenzo Micheli Pucci. Again in 2019, three of his compositions have been premiered in Italy by Angelo Colone (Jeux d’enfants), Francesco Dominici Buraccini (Variazioni su El Testament d’Amelia) and Giovanni Martinelli (Sei invenzioni sicule). On youtube, it is possible to find many executions of Kevin’s compositions.

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