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Compositeur: GAGNON Claude

DZ 1630


ISBN: 978-2-89655-529-1

Guitare seule

106 p.

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Composer Claude Gagnon of Quebec is one of the most prolific members of the Productions d'Oz roster. This spiralbound book is a collection of many of his earlier writings, most of which were published in the 1990s when Productions d'Oz was a very small outfit. There are some sixty works here, mostly one- and two-page material ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 5 leveL There is one substantial piece, a twelve-movement suite titled Le Forêt enchantée. This particular "enchanted forest" has been in my own performance repertoire for a couple of years now, and is inhabited by some very intriguing residents: singing faeries, dancing ghosts, the distant shades of a stride pianist, an Appalachian barn-dance fiddler, and a flamenco guitarist. There's also a cranky old wizard living in a cave, a sad gnome, and four beetles in a strawberry field. Some really excellent use of the guitar can be found in this suite. The new collection is a welcome single source for the writings of a very clever man. High recommendation.

David Norton (Soundboard Magazine)

Over the years, this Canadian guitarist/composer has had many of his compositions published by d'OZ and Doberman-Yppan. This anthology contains 59 of his titles all of which, I presume, have been published either separately or in smaller groups previously. From a didactic point of view they are excellent pieces covering lots of techniques up and down the fingerboard. There are some brilliant ideas scattered throughout this book and it would be a dull student indeed who didn't get pleasure from the majority of these pieces. The music is aimed at around the Grade 3-5 level, is wonderfully clear to read and the book is spiral bound which enables it to open, and stay open. I will most certainly be using this with many a student. to brighten their practice time. Recommended.

Sieve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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