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Canción para Beatriz, Valzer brillante
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Canción para Beatriz, Valzer brillante

Compositeur: IANNARELLI Simone

DZ 265


ISBN: 2-89500-150-2

Guitare seule

12 p.


Tune the A string to G, the E string to D and enjoy. This 'miniature' is in a very traditional lyrical style - a song without words, with hints of Barrios, of Llobet and others. Opening a piece with harmonics never fails to create a certain intimacy. lanarelli, by choosing to use these in the initial phrase, marks this piece with a definite mood. The melody has a very romantic feel especially as the melody notes glissando up to the twelfth position and gradually return only to be introduced again by the familiar passage of harmonics. A more contemplative section follows, a key change from G major to D minor, some chromaticism, and a return to the comforting first section once more. The ending ... as the beginning. Harmonics!
The piece is accessible to players of approximately grade 7 and is quite delightful.
(Jane Bentley, Classical Guitar, 2/2001)



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