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Compositeur: ALBÉNIZ I.

Arrangeur: KINDLE Jürg

DZ 398


ISBN: 2-89500-284-3

Orchestre de guitares

20 p. + parties séparées


guit. soprano I-II (ou mandoline), guit. I-IV, contrebasse
This publication is scored for two soprano guitars, four standard ones and a bass, Jurg Kindle has kept this arrangement in the original piano key of G minor, which has meant tuning the first string down to D for four of the guitars and sixth string to D on two of the others. A solitary guitar 1 takes the theme for the opening eight bars of the Allegro segment of the work and is then joined by guitar 2 playing in unison for the next eight bars, which in turn is joined by guitar 3 (once again in unison with the other two lines) At bar 25 the sopranos join in and the bass makes its first appearance. Gradually the piece builds up in this fashion with all the players taking part at the halfway point of this first section. As this first part draws to its conclusion players begin to drop out leaving only three guitars to finalise it. In the middle Piu Lento e Rubato section the themes are spread between the players, with once again, being many times played in unison or octaves. This arrangement works surprisingly well and providing the orchestra is a very tight ensemble both musically and technically, this should provide any guitar orchestra with a good few minutes, worth of entertaining and interesting programme music. Production is first class and there are separate parts for each member of the orchestra.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine, Février 2002)

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