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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare2 guitaresLe cercle magique

Le cercle magique
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Le cercle magique

Compositeur: KINDLE Jürg

DZ 442


ISBN: 2-89500-328-9

2 guitares

26 duos
28 p.


This volume of duos takes the circle of fifths as its starting point and presents a piece in each key in turn, major followed by relative minor. There is the often seen diagram of the circle of fifths on its opening page and C major is the appropriate starting point. Each duet is a miniature, one on each page, 20 or so bars in length. Presentation is good, there are speed indications and some dynamics but no fingering - this book is aiming to teach a sense of key through finding the right notes using an awareness of the key sIgnature. However, some fingering would be helpful in the more difficult keys for less experienced players, particularly in the accompaniment parts. The pieces are around grade 1-2 level technically and only move out of first position once or twice, and then only on the first string. Guitar one generally has the tune but guitar two's accompaniments are varied and the parts can be swapped around. The musical style is straightforward with a basic knowledge of rhythm required, and some use of ties and dotted notes. F major makes use of staccato. Some of the melodies are a little angular and there is occasional clumsiness in the partwriting where the harmony is not so effective, but I did like D major, B minor and D minor among others, all of which could be worked up into nice performances. Of most value for its didactic purposes, however; particularly useful sightreading material.
(Linda Kelsall Barnett, Classical Guitar Magazine, July 2002)

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