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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareEnsemble de guitares Scènes d'enfants, VII-XIII

Scènes d'enfants, VII-XIII

Scènes d'enfants, VII-XIII

Compositeur: SCHUMANN R.

Arrangeur: SANS Arnaud

DZ 749


ISBN: 2-89500-635-0

Ensemble de guitares

20 p. + parties séparées


Rêverie - Au coin du feu - Chevalier sur le cheval de vois - Presque trop sérieux - Croquemitaine - L'enfant s'endort - Le poète parle
Pour 5 et 6 guitares

Schumann's Kinderscenen or 'Scenes from Childhood' was written for piano solo in 1838 and published as Op 15. The set was not intended for children to play (unlike the later 'Album for the Young') but rather as a view into the child's world through the eyes of an adult and so very much part of the Romantic artistic sensibility. Sans has arranged these pieces for guitar ensemble and they are published in two volumes: I will consider them together because I feel it is inevitable that anyone interested in this music will want both. The guitar ensemble employed here uses only standard guitars however the bass parts regularly have very low tunings, most pieces requiring low C or even B on string 6. The number of parts required for each piece in the set changes from 4 to 7, pre-supposing a flexible lineup of players, with some willing to sit out at times, or move to another part. The parts themselves do in general reflect the normal stratified arrangement, top-down, but none of the parts is significantly easier, in fact this arrangement assumes that the ensemble is entirely made up of at least upper-grade players. Several practical issues have appeared already then, which prospective users might like to note! The music itself is well served by the arrangement process, in which proper techniques of doubling, distribution and part-linking have been used where required, and Schumann's very inspired ideas come out perfectly well.
Stephen Kenyon (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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