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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seuleLate Night (CD incl.)

Late Night (CD incl.)
  • Lullaby

  • Closing the DO or

  • Lament

  • Mirrors

Late Night (CD incl.)

Compositeur: SALVATORI Tom

DZ 765


ISBN: 2-89500-651-2

Guitare seule

28 p.

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Refreshingly unpretentious.particularly pleasing.gentle guitar lines. [Late Night Guitar is] a quality mainstream release to be welcomed by its target audience.

Classical Guitar Magazine (UK), 2002

Salvatori's music has been a darling among children's music critics...although 'Late Night Guitar' also appeals to grown-ups. His sense of musicianship is very high...

Chicago Tribune, 2003

I don't know what prompted me to review this particular publication, I think probably because I have young children and reading through the descriptive notes about the composer; (very unusual for LPD, highly welcome here!) Salvatori sits on the edge of his kid's beds and lullabyes them to the land of nod with musical «stories«, something I've not managed to achieve ever, although they're now at ages 7 and 10, but hey, I live in hope. I thought Salvatori sounds like he's got integrity and a charming lack of pretension.
There are eleven pieces for your delectation here. Fingering is left to the player's own discretion, except for some string indications. Players of grade two and above should be able to cope with the technicalities. The accompanying CD is nicely recorded, if a little «boomy«, on a 1972 Henandiz (sic) Grade 1 Classic Guitar. Apparently Salvatori's CD «Late Night Guitar« (to be reviewed in CG) was named 2002 Winner of the Children's Music Web Award in the «Classic Recording for Children« category.

Tim Panting (Classical Guitar Magazine)

Effortlessly breezes past age barriers.you'd be hard pressed to find a more comforting and melodic acoustic fingerstyle guitar album.

20th Century Guitar Magazine, 2002

I loved your stuff, very soulful and relaxing. The world needs more music like yours. Sonically top notch, full and warm...well done.

Brian Wittmer, Director, A&R, Universal Music Group, 2002

Tom...Your music has become a staple of my show. Beautifully crafted music that grows deeper and more tuneful with each and every play...and as if the music wasn't enough, what a striking and beautiful CD jacket. I come from a time when cover art was an important part of the whole «album« experience. Your artwork for «Late Night Guitar« is most impressive...Thanks for enabling us here in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York share your vision...

Ken Harris, WVKR, Walden NY, 2002

Beautifully felt, composed, played and produced.a very sensitive and heartfelt recording.

Wood and Wire Music, 2002

Absolutely beautiful. This piece is chock full of emotion with a soaring melody, mesmerizing theme, and a chord progression that speaks worlds of truth. With just a classical nylon string guitar and a small string and wind section, you've managed to assemble quite a moving work here. Some things are best said simply and quietly. Nice...tasteful...warm... rich, and robust sounding. Exquisite. Top performances lead way with perfectly executed passages, perfect intonation, and an exceptional overall feel and mood. Certainly, there are recognizable influences, yet this work emotes an original feel and mood unequaled by the masses. Thus, you have developed you're own sound far beyond the reaches of the normal bland, stuffy, classical composers/artists. Bravo.

Make-A-Star.com 's Review of Tucker's Lullaby, 2003

Purpose. Direction. Intent. Tom Salvatori's talent is interpreting our life and times with acoustically presented awareness. A minimalist in that Tom isn't flailing away in wonder of his own identity; not because he lacks for talent, depth, or degree of difficulty. On the contrary, he exhibits strength in restraint, and intensity through the vivid power of mindfulness he presents in his compositions. Salvatori layers his instrumentals with a beautiful variety of fingerstyle techniques, orchestrated to define each work as needed.

Artguitect Radio, 2000

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