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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seuleDanza Cubana no. 3

Danza Cubana no. 3

Danza Cubana no. 3

Compositeur: KULP Jonathan

DZ 818


ISBN: 2-89500-704-7

Guitare seule

8 p.


The brief preface states that this piece was written for a guitarist who wanted a study in «speed bursts« that he could use with his intermediate and advanced students.
So to that end the piece is a largely two-themed idea based loosely around Latin rhythms, with a time signature of 4/4 and a bass line of two dotted crotchets followed by a crotchet. It makes for quite interesting playing and certainly succeeds in what it sets out to be, namely a speed study. As for the musical content it is quite fun, with a second theme a little later on that moves somewhat away from the rhythmic restrictions of the main theme, which returns quite swiftly and leads to a brisk coda and a sudden finish.
This piece is quite good fun to play, although it got a little one-dimensional towards the end as it really only contains one idea, which it nevertheless makes quite a bit of.
Therefore it would be useful to anyone wanting to improve their speed playing or enjoyable to any loyers of the latin sound.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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