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Guitarist's First Steps, vol. 3
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Guitarist's First Steps, vol. 3

Compositeur: KISELEV Oleg

DZ 896


ISBN: 2-89500-791-8

Guitare seule

20 p.


This third set of ten pieces require a level around grades three to six, exploring a variety of keys and musical textures. A Couple under a Wet Umbrella is effective in its melody line with repeated quavers, Sea Etude is a useful stamina-building p i m a study and On the Swings requires smooth cantabile lines. I enjoyed In the Blooming Apple Orchard (another titley-challenged piece) in F major - this has an attractive melodic shape with major seventh harmonies with challenges up the fingerboard. Roman Legions Marching requires parallel fourths produced with the first or fourth finger across the first two strings the opening section is quite arresting but I felt the piece was overly repetitive. Leaving From of June 21, 1941 has a subdued melody with some complex harmonic requirements induding chords containing octaves moving in parallel. Dreamy Waltz requires good sustain and legato in the melody. Returning, with its «pop style« lilting rhythms and clichéd descending bass lines moves from an opening in D minor through F major to a much brighter C major. The middle section is quite challenging but this could prove an effective choice for some young players. The final piece, By the Unknown Warrior's Grave, is reflective and requires good balance between the melody (moving around the fingerboard mostly on the first string) and its punctuating repeated chords. Overall, clearly set out and well presented, mostly useful intermediate material.
Linda Kelsall-Barnett (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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