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Simplement Chôro

Simplement Chôro

Compositeur: ROUX Patrick

DZ 91


ISBN: 2-921248-76-X

Guitare seule

8 p.

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Sous ce titre modeste, Roux nous donne en fait une belle composition à l'inspiration claire mais assez complexe et d'une belle maîtrise harmonique. (François Dry, Les Cahiers de la Guitare)

This is a nice, melodic work, about Niveau 7, obviously influenced by Latin-American soul with almost a touch of Tarrega at the start. The main Theme has a decent. repetitive tune, quite memorable and not too hard to play. By the sixteenth bar, this has developed somewhat with flowing semiquavers and rhythmic chords, later broken like the Barrios Saudade. Later, the piece moves into the major with another pleasant subject which gives way to tumbling triplets, rather Cadenza like clown the first string: the recap brings back the main title into a small Coda ending on a high perfect cadence.This style, already represented so well by Cordero, Kleynjans and the rest now has another name to watch out for; Roux writes for four guitars and also works with saxophone, clarinet, etc, etc. The print is clear on good paper, fully fingered. 
(Neil Smith, Classical Guitar)

As the title suggests, this is a simple chôro, very reminiscent of Villa-Lobos and Piazzolla, without plagiarising, and remarkably without stylistic clichés. A standard introduction is followed by the chôro theme, which sits easily under the fingers, as one expects from this young guitarist /composer. Frequent judicious chromaticisms and standard modulations raise the lever of interest in this well-crafted work. A pleasant alternative to the often tricky transcriptions of Piazzolla and the well-known Villa-Lobos, this is a performance level piece without too many demanding moments. If you are familiar with the style of M. Diego Pujol, you will be attracted to this work, which is perhaps more traditional in feeling.
(Emma Martinez, Soundboard)

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