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Compositeur: KINDLE Jürg

DZ 933


ISBN: 978-2-89500-783-8

Guitare seule

8 p.


The attention-grabbing front cover of Terre (Earth) featuring photographs of the nine planets which make up our Solar System has our own planet Earth placed centrally and is the only one in colour, the other eight being monochrome.
Basically, Terre begins with a quiet, single-voiced, rhythmic motif which is heard again at the «fade out« conclusion of the work. The main substance of this composition makes much use of rhythmic patterns, campanella effects and multiple slurs the majority of which are based around attractive harmonie progressions the style of which reminded me more than a little of the stylised sound of Swedish guitarist singer/songwriter, Jose Gonzalez (of Heartbeats fame). A sudden and unexpected change of style comes three-quarters of the way through with the arrival of a 7/8 section.
The compositions I have encountered in the past by this composer have always relied heavily upon good and strong rhythms and this work is no exception. I found the piece a very attractive proposition and thoroughly enjoyed playing through it - many times.
If we are to get more planets from this composer, and I sincerely hope this happens, and if the technical standard is on a par with this one, Intermediate players should have a fabulous, respectively lengthy work to add to their repertoire.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)



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