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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seuleIslands (Five Impressions) - deuxième édition

Islands (Five Impressions) - deuxième édition

Islands (Five Impressions) - deuxième édition

Compositeur: GRIMES David

DO 624


ISBN: 978-2-89503-400-1

Guitare seule

12 p.


This Is a set of flve titled sketches each one influenced by Its connection with a particular Island. With Mdina being the ancient capital of Malta, Mdina Gate has a very medieval flavour in which one can imagine knights of old. Flowing arpeggios under a gentle melodic line is the consistency of Manoa Falls situated on Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Ano Syros is obviously a reference to the Greek Island and the driving 5/8 rhythm of this piece and the chosen mode makes for an exciting Greek dance. The gentlest and most beautiful of the five works comes with Petite Chanson de Re - a very melodic composition inspired by the singing of the townspeople of the small French island of lie de Re. The set concludes with a rousing and vivacious work inspired by the Greek village of Akrotiri. Altogether this Is a most welcome addition to the solo guitar repertoire. There are no low spots, each movement stands on its own merit and the work would make an ideal study piece for any student of the intermediate standard seeking a 'themed' contemporary guitar work. Steve Marsh Grimes offers musical sketches of five different islands. "Mdina Gate" (Malta), is rendered in modal fashion with a marchlike quality. "Manoa Falls" (Oahu, Hawaii) is a flowing piece that balances a legate melody with a moving accompaniment figure that exploits the open strings of the guitar. ''Ano Syros" (Syros, Greece), in 5/8, has an exotic modal character. "Petite Chanson de Re" (Ile de Re, France) is sweetly based on a traditional melody from the area. "Akrotiri" (Santorini, Greece) is in mixed meter with a lot of repeated notes, providing an exciting finale to the set. I feel that the works are focused and well constructed. They are accessible to the hands and the ear and would be appropriate recital material for students and concert artists. M.Ca.

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