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ProduitsPartitions pour guitareGuitare seule3 pièces

3 pièces
  • La cuenta imaginaria

  • Preludio

  • Romance

3 pièces

Compositeur: DI MOSOLE Serge

DZ 2189


ISBN: 978-2-89737-106-7 

Guitare seule

8 p.

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La cuenta imaginaria


"Born in Toulouse in 1963, Serge Di Mosole is a new name to me. These three short but amicable pieces are quite diverse in style and suitable for a player of modest ability, yet are not easy enough to be called simple. They are definitely for the more mature standard of player. The opening piece La Cuenta imaginaria [...] is a dropped D piece of considerable charm with some lovely harmonies in its three part writing. There are a number of excursions into foreign harmonic territory that effortlessly return to the home key as if nothing untoward has happened. A good start. The second piece is Preludio Hommage a Antonio Lauro. This is the Lauro of the 'sonata', not the 'waltz' writer; for the harmony work is strange and at times obtuse, so that you feel slightly at sea as to where it might be going [...] The final Romance Hommage a Fernando Sor, is in 3/4 with triplet quavers throughout, and in E minor with a middle section in E major (yes, just like that Romance by Anon.) It can't help but remind one of that piece, when it bears such a marked resemblance to it in so many ways, but in spite of that Mosole just about manages to make it his own. So, in essence the first piece is the best and also that the whole triptych is a little mixed in standard. I feel that his best works aren't represented by this little book but do not wish to put the book down too much as some of this is really pleasant and fun to get one's hands around."

Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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