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This Night is a Rope / A Life of Consequence
  • This Night is a Rope

  • A Life of Consequence

This Night is a Rope / A Life of Consequence

Compositeur: HEALY Eddie

DZ 2230


ISBN: 978-2-89737-147-0 

Guitare seule

8 p.


"Here are two short pieces by an American composer / performer whose version of these two pieces you can investigate on YouTube. His style is an interesting amalgam of the modern, folk-pop influence along with many interwoven classical areas. The opening piece, with a 6th string D and a 5th string G, [...] begins with eight bars of long chords marked 'tambora'. Now, in the recording, Healy plays bars 3, 4, 7 and 8 normally, only playing tambora on 1, 2, 5 and 6; so did he change his mind, or is that a misprint? Whatever the answer, the piece then takes off with some fast arpeggiated chords that sounded a touch Genesis-like before slowing to a complex rhythmic little idea that again stops on a tambora. The arpeggio idea returns, followed by a variant of the rhythmic idea twice more before the opening tambora chords intervene followed by the Genesis-like arpeggios and a swift coda. [...] The second piece is marked 'adagio/flowing' which was much more apt than the andante of the recording which seemed to be rushed, for played slower this piece is a real find. [...] This is a haunting piece of great sadness and tenderness, and would make a fabulous piece in a concert. So the second piece did it for me, whereas the first was a little throwaway but each to his own. Whatever one may think, the second piece is worth the price of admission by itself and I would imagine this man has many more pieces where these came from."
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine) 

 I’d have to say that This Night is a Rope is around intermediate to late-intermediate in level mostly due to the lowered 5th and 6th strings to Sol and Re (although the tuning makes the fingering very manageable). A Life of Consequence is also around the same level but with only drop D tuning on the 6th string. Both will require some effort to navigate the positions while also presenting the musical ideas but overall it sits on the guitar very nicely. Again, The score quality is good, thanks Les Productions d’OZ. As above, includes light fingering and position marks. Here’s some more word via the composer himself:
This Night is a Rope was done in 2008. Though A Life of Consequence was the only solo I’d composed before it I was inspired to approach this piece completely differently based on the success of 20 Seconds. Since I was able to put that piece together so quickly during the recording process I wanted to see what would happen if I attempted to do the same with a solo guitar piece.
Bradford Werner,

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