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Canzone (Suite Siciliana)

Canzone (Suite Siciliana)

Compositeur: TORRISI Giuseppe

DZ 2424


ISBN: 978-2-89737-341-2 

Guitare seule

8 p.


“Engaging Sicilian-style waltz and tremolo outings”
These are the first two movements from the three-movement Suite Siciliana from an ltal­ian composer whose works are many and varied in style.   Valzer is marked «appassionato» and is largely in three voices, but never resorts to the bass and two-chords style that often passes for a waltz on a guitar, as the part-writing is interesting from the start and there is always one or another of the parts moving around the basic beat. Some of the fingering changes are not easy to achieve and as a result, the difficulty factor is inter­mediate-advanced. The harmonie work can be acerbic or melancholy in places, but always melodic, beginning in E minor, lead­ing to a central section in A minor, and a final section in D, although the number of accidentais throughout this work show you that this is not simple in its harmonie style at all. That said, this is a fine movement, and its friendly but unexpected harmonies and  passagework add to its appeal. The Canzone is a tremolo work and thus requires an even tremolo for the top-voiced melody, which does extend up to the 17th fret in places. Both are very interesting and challenging pieces and, assuming that the final movement, Tarantella (available from the publisher, but not submitted for review), is as good as the preceding two, then this suite would be a fine concert work for any interested player.
-Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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