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Suite élégiaque

Suite élégiaque

Compositeur: GAUDREAU David

DZ 2428


ISBN: 978-2-89737-345-0 

Guitare seule

16 p.


Valse triste Aria Milonga del sol Promenade des amoureux Mystère Reflets dans l’eau


Unusual and unexpected turns in Canadian’s new suite”
There are six movements in this recent work by one of Canada’s most consistent writers. «Valse Triste» («Sad Waltz») gets things going nicely-it’s in E minor with a gentle lilt, and, if it has a fault, is perhaps a little predictable. Things pick up with «Aria,» a melodic work in D with some nice modulations and unexpected harmonies along the way. lt’s followed by «Milonga del Sol,» which is lots of fun and one of the real highlights of the suite, with its unpredict­able mixture of time signatures and catchy syncopations. «Promenade des Amoureux» is an emotive rubato piece with a beautiful melody and slightly unexpected phrasing that enhances the almost improvisatory feel it embodies. Next is «Mystere,» which moves along at a moderate pace, has some unusual modulations in its harmony work, and a number of themes that do not repeat or develop (which left me a little puzzled at its close). The final movement, «Reflets dans L’Eau» («Reflections in the Water’’), is a fast-paced 16th-note piece, first set in arpeggiated chords with a melody inter­mingled, then a syncopated bass note is pedal interwoven with the themes above, ail heavily accented on the offbeat. The opening idea returns for the final close. Although this is a nice set of pieces, one or two felt a little sub-par. Still, that leaves plenty to enjoy from this composer who has written such a vast amount of memorable music.
-Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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