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3 Suites
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3 Suites

Compositeur: FARÍAS Javier

DZ 1233


ISBN: 978-2-89655-132-3

Guitare seule

48 p.


The Chilean musician Javier Farias (b.1973) has been the recipient of no less than five grants for composition from the Chile Council of Arts and over the last few years has won many prizes for his written works including first prizes at the «Concorso Internazionale de Composozioni« (Italy), the 'XVIII International Composition Competition Andrés Segovia') (Spain) and the 6th «Michele Pittaluga competition« (Italy).
Farias writes for a multitude of instrumentation including chamber music, symphonies, jazz orchestra, choir, accordion, viola, percussion and guitar. Luckily for us, he has a predilection for this latter one having composed solos, duets, trios, quartets and has included the instrument in his chamber works.
Regrettably, I have to own up to never having come across his compositions before (as far as I know) but if this set of three suites for guitar is representative of his works then I will certainly be seeking out any recordings of his music, for this is wonderful writing in every respect for the guitar. Even though he is obviously influenced by the musical styles of his home country he takes these traditional rhythms and merges them in a modern idiom, the end result are very striking offerings being both exceedingly entertaining and interesting for the listener and very pleasurable to play through for the instrumentalist.
Each suite is a substantial affair of four movements and is stylistically based upon the musical forms of Tonada, Cueca, Huayno and Cachimbo. The music itself does have episodes of joviality but the prominent impression is of an attractive slight melancholy mood.
The music is very well presented with clear, sensible fingering and the accompanying CD is well worth having just for itself; the whole affair is top class.
Highly recommended.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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