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Three Artisans

Three Artisans

Compositeur: DUNNE Matthew

DO 1322


ISBN: 978-2-89796-101-5

Guitare et flûte

32 p. + parties séparées


Three Artisans was composed in memory of the flautist Tal Perkes and was inspired by significant passions he held throughout his life. The Painter begins with a pensive musing by the solo flute, and continues with a whimsical and improvisatory gypsy jazz-inspired tune. The Architect is a tightly structured fugue that pays homage to his late-in-life pursuit of design and building, while The Flute Player is a tribute to his musical spirit and virtuosity, with a touch of Prokofiev in the main theme, some flamenco-influenced passages, and a long solo flute cadenza in the style of an etude. Tal was an avid traveler, both literally (as his flute career demanded), and intellectually, as his curiosity and interests ranged across an unusually wide spectrum. As a nod to this traveling spirit, each movement has a connection to music from gypsy traditions; mid-century European jazz in the first, a fugue subject inspired by a traditional Romani tune in the second, and Flamenco influences in the third. 

Three Artisans is dedicated to the Cavatina Duo, Eugenia Moliner and Denis Azabagic.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the San Antonio Chamber Music Society for commissioning this work and presenting the world premiere. 

Matthew Dunne

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