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El Cielo Cambiante

El Cielo Cambiante

Composer: FLETCHER Nick

DZ 1508


ISBN: 978-2-89655-407-2

Solo Guitar

12 p.


This is three-movement work by the seemingly indefatigable English guitarist Nick Fletcher. The title translates out at The Changing Sky and although the three movements are subtly linked they all contrast with each other from being calm and quiet at times to furious and 'stormy', all being indicative of the changing moods of the clouds. This guitarist has a penchant for folk-type material, particularly of a Celtic nature. This new work, although not drawing as far as I can see on Celtic roots, does have an occasional hint at the folk-style especially in the beautiful adagio second movement. I have had review experience of this composer's music previously and have always written favourably about it. but I must say that I found El Cielo Cambiante to be one of Fletcher's most attractive and appealing compositions to date. The presentation is excellent, the whole work being sensibly fingered and clear to read. Well worth a look at for the Intermediate student.

Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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