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Since 1986, LES PRODUCTIONS D’OZ have built themselves an important reputation in the music publishing field. This company is able to offer professional services that respect very high quality standards in music engraving. 

The experience acquired by the transcription of thousands of works from different composers from all countries, the constant search for artistic and computer improvements, the use of state-of-the-art equipment are all elements that contribute to the satisfaction of it’s customers.



A Rear Riley’s Work…

Music engraving is the retranscription and page setting of handwritten work into an engraved score following the artistic and technical rules of the profession. Music engraving requires knowledge in music, patience, great concern for detail and a scrupulous respect for the author’s work. Music engraving with software demands experience in music as well as in computer science.

An Artist’s Work

Beyond the technical aspect of retranscription, Sylvain Lemay has an artistic vision of his work. This artistic sense has developped with years of experience and training, added to a passion for music and the love of his profession. This artist recognises the advantages of technology and knows how to use them. This technology avoids recopying the whole work when retouching is necessary (extraction of seperate parts, transposition). This results in time and money savings, an outstanding precision and a superior quality of printing.

Your Needs

We can satisfy your needs as a musician: you want an impeccable copy of your composition or musical arrangement as an educator: you have methods, music excerpts, unpublished theme-songs, music exams as an animator, or music director: you have original, discontinuous or too old and hard to read scores as a publisher: you need professional work done quickly.

Our services

You can take advantage of Our Services in music engraving, transcription and page setting of:

- pieces for symphonic orchestras (classical/contemporary)

- band material · pieces for solo instruments, choral, ensembles

- educational works corrections and revision of musical texts

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Some d’OZ Customers:

Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan, Chanterelle Verlag, Guitar Solo Publications, Mel Bay Publications, Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec, Nouveau Théâtre Musical, Éditions de l’Envolée…

A Recognized Work…

“...Agustín Pio Barrios was born in 1885 in Paraguay: this book and the preceeding 8 volumes of his method, music and diary (collectively “El Libro de Oro”) contain the definitive story of his extraordinary life: through his recordings and compositions we can appreciate his amazing technique and experience his romantic soul...”
John Williams

The pulsating appeal of Vivaldi can now be enjoyed, through companies like Les Productions d’Oz, who is pehaps the leader in this field at the moment due to the sheer output, through consistency and quality.”
Tim Panting, Classical Guitar Magazine

“If music be the food of love, play on” – or just continue with the rest of your tried and tested repertoire? What do you do? The tried (tired?) and trusted seem a little too safe; one too many bossa novas that remind you of “muzak”; a Celtic melody that relies too harshly on the heart strings; a Carcassi Etude that seems to relinquish everything you’ve learnt before and place it like a filleted fish going nowhere? As I put on my editorial Wellington boots I find with delight that these pages swell with a “scene” that is growing exponentially by the month. Whether Stephen Goss is treating Bizet with a pinch of salt or Roland Dyens jousts with Egberto Gismonti there are certain individuals who seem hell bent on dragging the classical guitar world up by its boot straps and giving it a metaphorical slap about the cheeks and saying “hey, listen to this folks, music you’ve always wanted to put under your fingertips – I’ve spent the time (and vision) preparing this material and now you are going to reap the benefits”. Well, not without the efforts of Les Productions D’Oz, who deserve a special mention here because they care (yes, they do): chief proprietor Sylvain Lemay has garnered a coral of guitarists/composers who regularly produce vital, entertaining and enlightening music that the pages of Classical Guitar virtually groan with every month. Les PD are true stalwarts, and, as an editor casting his eyes on each ‘new born’ I marvel at the output that Lemay organises. Each month I conjure superlatives (this does not mean that each item is lapped up without due constructive criticism) for the collective description that could describe a monthly D’Oz release.” Tim Panting, Classical Guitar Magazine

«J’ai eu l’opportunité de croiser Sylvain Lemay mais… virtuellement, dirais-je, lors de quinze jours d’une collaboration aussi intense qu’enrichissante pour le musicien que je suis, mais également d’un niveau de folie que je ne suis pas près d’oublier. L’ensemble sur fond de tournée en Asie, entre 2 corrections, 1 relecture à l’hôtel et un envoi par fax. À 3 heures d’un récital à Seoul ou Tokyo. Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué, après tout ? Et si je rend hommage au grand professionnel qu’il est, je lui surtout sais gré de m’avoir rassuré sur un point au moins: il existe bien sur terre une personne aussi obsessionnelle et maniaque que moi sur la façon d’écrire la musique. Et, quelque part, je m’en réjouis… Merci, Sylvain.» Roland Dyens Concertiste / compositeur Professeur de guitare au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris

“Production D’Oz’s presentation of this music is excellent and they should also be nominated for the ‘considerate publisher of the year’ award by not only including separate pullout sheets for each player, but also for providing an extra ‘pull out’ to the ‘pull outs’ to avoid a nasty page turn.” Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

“This is realy the most beautiful engraving I have seen, congratulations.” Jürg Kindle, Suisse

“I am amazed and impressed by how fast you are doing this!
I really respect the quality of your work.” Frank Koonce, School of Music, Arizona State University

“This engraving is the most beautiful one that I have seen, M. Sylvain Lemay made a fantastic job!” Rachel Laurin, Compositrice / Composer

“All of the pieces that I’ve entrusted to the Productions d’OZ were distinctly and neatly engraved in very short delays. Proper work done quickly.” Paul Gerrits, Éditions Doberman-Yppan

“What pleasure for a composer to see his work engraved in such a beautiful fashion! Clearness, concern for detail, professionalism… The work comes out greater!” Marc Gagné, Compositeur / Composer

“Our students work on documents (books, exams) on which appear precise musical examples. It is very favourable for us to do business with professional engravers considering to quality of the work for such a reasonable price.” Luce Roy, Commission scolaire Des Ilets

“The educational music material of Les Éditions «À Reproduire» is enhanced by high quality music engraving. It advantages the whole presentation. Both students and teachers benefit greatly from it.”Denis Coulombe, Les Éditions «À Reproduire»

“I must say that working with you was a very professional experience. You give security, which is a so important thing in this task. Thank you very much.” Marcelo Coronel, Compositeur / Composer

“Thank you, thank you, for the excellent books (Impressions and Little Celtic Suite) – better quality than any I have so far – I am so pleased!» You are a very good professional person to work with!!” Mark Houghton, Compositeur / Composer


…Once more. D’Oz have made a great product; the print, paper and style of layout are all so excellent …
(Neil Smith, Classical Guitar)

LETKEMAN, David – CHRISTMAS SONGS, Volumes I and 2 … two very well presented and useful editions.
(Linda Kelsall-Barnet, Classical Guitar)

…The presentation is excellent and there are separate parts as well as a full score.
(Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar)

…A first class work for advanced guitar quartets and one that will amply repay every minute of rehearsal. The parts are beautifully clear, fingered and set out to allow for page-turns.
(Raymond Burley, Classical Guitar)

ENGEL, Claude, FANTAISIE SUR UN THÈME AUVERGNAT, L’OISEAU ET L’AUBE …Nicely printed as always with this publisher.
(Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar)

LÉVESQUE, Luc, LE DIMANCHE ARRIVÉ et C’EST DANS LE MOIS DE MAI This is a really charming publication. ..
…As before with this publisher, clearly printed score and parts.
(John Arran, Classical Guitar)

OGAWA, Takashi, FANTASIE SUR UNE CHANSON JAPONAISE This Canadian publisher has certainly produced a wide variety of ensemble music for the guitar. As with the present volume all that I have seen is well printed with clear, easy to read parts…
… this is another work from this publisher to really enjoy.
(John Arran, Classical Guitar)

BACH, J.S., LARGO AND ALLEGRO, BWV 1065 (arr. for guitar orchestra by Philippe Paviot) … Without exception the parts are interesting and challenging… The beautifully produced edition includes a sturdy covered score and readily useable parts offering the minimum amount of left-hand fingering. A welcome addition to the guitar orchestra repertory and one that I look forward to hearing very soon. (Raymond Burley)

BACH, J.S., TRIPLE FUGUE INNACHEVÉE, BWV1080 (arr. for guitar orchestra by Philippe Paviot) … excellent ‘student’ material for the amateur ensemble.
… Presentation is the usual excellent standard from this publishing house…
(Steve Marsh)

Without exception, all these nine pieces are a delight to play… The presentation is excellent with top-quality printing and an attractive, sturdy cover… Recommended.
(Steve Marsh)

Over the past few years, this publishing company has produced some admirable publications; they are well presented with clean and easy-to-read printing and usually contain very good student material. This edition under revew is no exception…
(Steve Marsh)

GRANADOS, E., ESCENAS ROMANTICAS (P.A. Gagnon/J. Chandonnet) … A professional and superbly presented publication …
(Paul Fowles)

… The quality of typesetting and printing is high throughout… Sonatine Champigonne is worth a look.(Graham Cleaver)

… The presentation is top class as is usual with this publishinghouse.
(Steve Marsh)

…The presentation, fingering and graphic work is nicely done….
(Vladislav Blaha)