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Music publishing house founded in 1986 by Sylvain Lemay, Les Productions d’OZ has quickly established itself as a leader in classical guitar music publishing, both for solo instrument and in ensemble music settings.

More than thirty years later, the drive and enthusiasm of the company continues to amaze, as much for the quality of its publications as for the impressive number of its new issues, evidences of a sustaining interest for the classical guitar.

With the acquisition of Doberman Editions in 2010, the catalogue has expanded to include all orchestral instruments, as well as a wide selection of canadian contemporary works.

Moving in 2008 to a commercial area on Chemin du Fleuve has allowed us to offer our expertise to the general public, with printing services on the cutting edge of technology. In 2017, the structure of the company moved from a single ownership to employees that are shareholders.

Our newest 2018 member, Florence Lemay - graphic artist, painter - opens new paths for a creative department that offers a promising future to the company.