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Terms and expressions starting with a capital letter and not otherwise defined have the meanings assigned to them, and Productions d'OZ wish to process the data they collect in a lawful and transparent manner.

Productions d'OZ has developed this policy regarding cookies (the "Policy") to describe how Productions d'OZ uses cookies and the information it collects and stores.

"PIPA" refers to the Private Information Protection Act, as amended by the Act modernizing legislative provisions on the protection of personal information ("Bill 25").

"Florence Lemay" refers to any identified or identifiable person about whom Productions d'OZ collects Personal Information, including, but not limited to, (i) Employees, past, current, and potential, (ii) clients, past, current, and potential, (iii) visitors to the Productions d'OZ website, and (iv) subcontractors and suppliers, past, current, and potential.

"Personal Information" means any information about an identified or identifiable natural person but excludes information that is not considered Personal Information under PIPA.

"Cookies" is a text file deposited by the servers of visited websites or by third-party servers, in a dedicated space on your terminal's hard drive (computer, tablet, mobile phone, or any other device optimized for the internet) when viewing online content or advertising. It records information about your internet browsing. This Cookie file can only be read by its issuer, which allows it, during its validity period, to recognize the terminal concerned each time that terminal accesses digital content containing Cookies from the said issuer. The Cookie does not personally identify you but only your terminal's browser.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

This cookie usage policy and other tracking mechanisms apply to all web assets of Productions d'OZ. Productions d'OZ web assets use cookies to better understand how you use our sites and interact with their content. We may use cookies to remember your language preferences or to avoid requiring you to log in every time you visit our websites. These cookies may also track your geolocation to offer you location-specific and relevant information. Furthermore, we may use your usage data to provide targeted advertisements on third-party websites. A more comprehensive list of cookies and their uses is described below.

What Types of Cookies Are Used?

Productions d'OZ uses both first-party and third-party cookies. To help you understand the utility of each cookie used, below is an overview of the four different types of cookies used on our websites:

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential for the basic functionality of our websites, such as accessing secure areas of the site and logging into your user account. They allow users to navigate our websites. This category of cookies cannot be disabled.

Functionality Cookies: These cookies help us customize our websites to enhance their content based on how you have used our sites and to configure features and other customizations, such as language preferences, remembering usernames, and geolocation. The information tracked by these cookies is anonymous and cannot be used to disrupt your browsing activity on other sites.

Performance Cookies: These cookies collect information on how you use our websites. The cookies inform us about which pages you visit, how often, encountered errors, and how we can improve your experience. They are generally collected for statistical purposes and do not contain personal information, such as names or email addresses. Disabling them prevents the collection of information about your browsing on our sites and consequently the proposal of editorial content tailored to your browsing.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies: These cookies provide information about user interaction with our content to help us and third parties (including advertisers) deliver relevant advertisements and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Information is collected and shared with third parties to provide audience targeting and optimization solutions for advertising advertisers and publishers. No personal data is collected, and an individual cannot be identified based on the collected data.

How Long Will Cookies Last?

Cookies remain on your device(s) for different durations, depending on whether they are "persistent" or "session" cookies:

Persistent Cookies: These cookies are used to remember your preferences on our websites, to analyze user behavior to establish usage patterns and preferences, and to improve the functionality of our websites. They remain on your computer or device until they expire or you delete them. They persist even after closing the browser and restarting your computer.

Session Cookies: These cookies are used to remember your activity during the current visit to our websites. They are temporary and only remain on your computer or device until you end the current browsing session.

How to Manage Cookie Preferences?

As a user, you have the right to refuse, delete, or limit the use of all types of cookies when visiting the Productions d'OZ website. You can adjust your cookie preferences by modifying your browser settings. Please note that most browsers automatically accept cookies, so if you do not want cookies to be used, you will need to delete or block them. However, refusing certain cookies may cause a degradation in several necessary website functions (such as registration or display issues, etc.). In such cases, we cannot be held responsible for these malfunctions. Furthermore, disabling advertising cookies does not mean that you will not receive ads but simply that they will no longer be tailored to your interests. For more information on cookies and how to manage preferences, we refer you to the following website: https://www.aboutcookies.org/how-to-delete-cookies/

Contact Information:

The website www.productionsdoz.com is owned and operated by Florence Lemay.

Our primary business establishments are located in Lévis.

You can reach us at: Productions D’OZ

By mail: 2220, Chemin du Fleuve

By phone: 418-834-8384

By email: info@productionsdoz.com

Changes to This Cookie Policy:

The Policy takes effect on September 22 and replaces all previous versions.

Privacy legislation is constantly evolving, and therefore, this Policy may be subject to changes by Florence Lemay at her sole discretion and without notice or liability to any Data Subject or any other person. The collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information of a Data Subject by Productions D'OZ will be governed by the version of the Policy then in effect.