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The recording license is the right acquired by the performer to share on an online digital media (social networks and streaming platforms) self-produced audio and video recordings of pieces published by Les Productions d'Oz and Doberman-Yppan.

With the mass spreading of digital distribution platforms and recording techniques, a growing number of performers are self-producing and distributing their music without going through record labels. At Les Productions d'Oz, we are excited to see that the music we publish is more played and available to the listeners than ever before. Paradoxically, we observe that the royalties given to creators are not proportional to this increase. We consider that the representation agreements between copyright societies (e.g. SOCAN, SACEM etc.) and digital broadcasting media (e.g. Youtube, Spotify, Deezer etc.) have not yet evolved in such a way as to properly collect new media royalties. The new formula we are proposing offers an alternative to this system in order to improve the economic remuneration for the work of our composers, arrangers and editors.

Our new reproduction rights payment system aims to optimize the royalties received by composers and arrangers publishing their works with Productions d’Oz and Doberman-Yppan. This d’Oz initiative allows the performer to directly pay the musical creators of pieces recorded in self-production and shared on digital media online. This modest remuneration varies according to the duration and the instrumentation of the recorded piece.

ex. Guitarist X records a four-minute video where she plays a piece for solo guitar composed by Z, the score of which is published by Productions d'Oz. She voluntarily pays a $25 recording license to Productions d'Oz in order to share this video on her Youtube channel while supporting the work of composer Z and his publishers.

For who?

For performers who want to record pieces published by Les Productions d'Oz and Doberman-Yppan, wishing to voluntarily remunerate the composers.

We would like to encourage performers who consider this measure appropriate to the nature of their work to take part in this initiative. However, the license is not mandatory.

The license does not apply to:

•  tracks recorded with a record company

•  performer-composers who want to record their own music

•  pieces played in concert

For which platforms?

For all online streaming platforms (eg Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.).

Questions? Write to us for more information: info@productionsdoz.com